Donna Gorman

What Crises Will You Face In 2023?

Turn on the news on any given day, and chances are there’s a crisis brewing somewhere in the world. The train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio. Bank failures. Tech workers being laid off in droves. A crypto CEO arrested.  What do all of these crises have in common? Well, chances are there’s a comms team…

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The Difference Between Speeches, Remarks and Presentations — And How to be Great at All of Them 

So you’ve been asked to give a speech. Or was it “remarks”? And what’s the difference, anyway? Here at Spring Green Communications, we are experts at drafting speeches and remarks for our clients — oh, and presentations, too. Here’s what you need to know if you’re asked to deliver any of them.  Speech:  WHAT IT…

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What a Holiday Classic Can Teach Us About Business

The holiday decorations went up in stores weeks ago, and you know what that means: It’s almost time for your annual viewing of the movie “Elf.”  When it came out in 2003, the movie, starring Will Ferrell as a human raised by Santa’s elves, became an instant holiday classic, perfect for family movie night at…

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