We’ve Outgrown Our Name

A lot has happened in the past 12 years.  

At home, we’ve had two babies, rounding out our family of five. 

We’ve uprooted our household four times and moved internationally for my husband’s diplomatic assignments. 

And at work, with my partner Tia Over, we’ve grown The Mathews Group from a one-woman shop operating from my kitchen table to a full-service boutique agency of seasoned communicators serving Fortune 100 corporate clients, universities and nonprofits.  

When I founded The Mathews Group, I only knew that I wanted to do good work with talented professionals. I thought that we could be more productive, more creative, more nimble, more present with our families, if we freed ourselves from the traditional 9-5 office culture. It was only the seed of an idea. But I knew we could grow a business based on results, professionalism and personal accountability, not four walls and a time clock.  

A dozen years on, Tia and I have worked hard to cultivate a team that is truly the best of the best, serving great clients. Our colleagues are professional confidantes and dear friends. They are blooming where they’re planted – working wherever and however makes sense for them. I am proud of the excellence and hustle they bring to our clients every single day. We have proven the model, and we’ve brought it to life.  

That’s why as of today, we’re sunsetting the name The Mathews Group and becoming Spring Green Communications. In our new brand identity, we are elevating the vibrant color of our original logo because of what it signifies: a fresh approach to communications, rooted in our commitment to people. 

To our clients. 

To our partners and friends. 

To each other. 

Today, we spring forward into a new season with the skills, service and spirit to grow our business – and yours. Join us at wearespringgreen.com.  

By Melissa Mathews (Originally published on LinkedIn)