Katherine Brennecke

Make Me Care: Why People Should Drive Your ESG Report 

Sustainability reporting is important — arguably essential.  You already know that — and so does everyone else. Just google “what percentage of companies publish a sustainability report,” and you’ll have so many metrics it will be hard to choose one to reference. So how can you ensure your report stands out?  Sustainability reports have evolved…

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When It’s Time to Meet the Media

Being interviewed for an online publication, podcast or any other type of media has a lot of similarities to public speaking; you’ve got to know your audience, prepare what you’ll say and practice, practice, practice. And like public speaking, a media interview can be just as intimidating. But there are things you can do to…

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Sustainable Sustainability Reporting: Working Smarter Not Harder On Your Next ESG Report

Sustainability reporting is often thought of as a once-a-year effort that centers on the publication date. But that method brings a lot of heavy lifting: gathering data, confirming numbers and finding case studies, photos and highlight stories, and then pushing subject matter experts and executives to review and approve under strict deadlines. It’s a heavy…

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